Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ch. 19 Journal Response

1.       Ch. 19 pages 386-397
2.       In this chapter, Peekay and Doc go off to explore Africa. After a night of camping, the next day they found a huge cave. Peekay found that how Doc was acting was unusual. Doc wasn’t being careful about the equipment and being all secretive. Peekay also comes to realize that Doc could die, and as the trip started to end, he noticed how old Doc has become.
3.       A.  Doc
B. “Doc didn’t like to be wrong about his observations, which he would have permitted himself to voice only after a great deal of careful consideration.” (391)
C.   1.  Smart
       2.  Witty
       3.  Adventurous
       4.  Kind
       5.   Musical
       6.   Talented
                        7.  Leader
                D. Doc is one of Peekay’s most important mentors and a really close friend to Peekay. He teaches Peekay many new things about life and music. Their relationship is almost like father and son. They care about each other so much; Peekay even helped Doc get out of jail.
       4. In chapter 19, Doc had said to Peekay, “The music of Africa is in the soul, and its instruments are the voices of its people… ‘Requiem for Geel Piet’ is not my music, it is the music of the People.” (388) This quote stood out to me because it exemplifies how Doc is his own person. He could have easily said rude things about Africans and their music, but he is smart and knows the truth. He isn’t racist towards them and he respects their musical talents. Seeing as Doc is a music professor, he knows good music. He acknowledges that the African music is good, and that it is hard to play. Doc respects their way of music and culture. He doesn’t try to do what they do because he it is not his place and he knows better than to take away someone’s culture from them.

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