Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Power of One Ch. 24 Reading Journal

1.       Ch. 24 page 493-513
2.       In this chapter, Peekay decides to continue being a grizzly man. However, one night he has a dream, which frightens him, but later actually saves his life because he recognized that there was a running fuse. After he continues to work, there had been an accident, where he was crushed by the grizzly and rocks. However, he still manages to live, although his friend had died to save him. Later, Peekay was trying to raise money in the bar, when his diamond driller, Botha, who actually was the Judge, started attacking Peekay. Peekay finally gets his revenge on the Judge, and ultimately wins the fight and leaves a mark so the Judge will always remember how cruel and nasty he was to Peekay.
3.       A. Peekay
B. “I was back on track, and all would be forgiven. The prodigal son had returned.” (507)
C. Smart
      Good boxer
D. Peekay was the main character in the novel. It started when he was young, naïve, and scared at his boarding school, which shaped him into everything he became. Without the Judge and other bullies, he might not have had the passion and anger to box, and if he didn’t box who knows where or what he might have ended up. Peekay evolved into an intelligent and determined person by all the troubles he had to face. He exemplifies the power of one and the hope of the people, or the Tadpole Angel.
4.  “The year of despair I had spent as a five-year-old in the hands of the Judge had tainted everything I had subsequently done. My childlike notion of camouflage to avoid being emotionally besieged had persisted. In my mind, although I’m certain at the time I would not have been able to articulate the idea, the mines represented a return to the fear of that first boarding school. But this time it was I who would win.” (495) This quote is significant because it shows how much the boarding school effected Peekay. The Judge almost molded Peekay’s whole life. When he was younger, he was afraid to be himself, so he hid behind a camouflage. But when he grew older, he faced the very thing he was scared of, the Judge. The Judge had taught him how to endure pain, which led him to pursue boxing. So Peekay knew he could defeat the big, he has done it before, although this time it would be more personal. Peekay had never lost a fight, and the fight against the Judge, especially, he would not lose.

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